Why do cats love bins a lot?

It is a truism maybe greatest exemplified by viral memes: Cats like to cram themselves into bins or no matter different tight areas they will discover. However why do our feline mates do that? Why do cats love bins a lot?

The habits comes from a easy animal need, mentioned Gabriella Smith, a doctoral candidate in comparative animal cognition on the College of Veterinary Medication in Vienna.

“What we all know is that it’s a type of consolation,” Smith advised Reside Science. “This is smart from an evolutionary standpoint. Aspect strain is reassuring.” 

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This sense of consolation is particularly essential in demanding conditions, comparable to when a road cat is introduced inside for the primary time. In a 2019 paper revealed within the journal PLOS One, Dutch scientists famous that the flexibility to cover was essential in reducing the stress ranges of cats that had simply arrived at an animal shelter. The researchers measured the stress ranges of the cats utilizing the non-invasive Cat-Stress-Score, which assesses stress ranges in cats primarily based on their posture, vocal habits and exercise stage. The scientists additionally discovered that when the cats had been disadvantaged of shelter, they’d flip over their litter bins to cover beneath them. 

Cats’ love for bins extends past three-dimensional buildings. In 2021, Smith spearheaded a citizen science paper, which means that she requested the general public (and their cats) to contribute to the experiment. The examine, revealed within the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science, explored whether or not cats would sit inside a Kanizsa contour, a rectangle created by corners which can be taped off on a ground.

In contrast to a field, a Kanizsa contour does not have partitions, making it two dimensional. “The 2D experiment, particularly, is a glance into their visible cognition and the notion of borders,” she mentioned. In different phrases, cats love boxes so much, they’ll even sit in fake, 2D ones.

So how would this habits profit cats? One idea is that it helps them keep away from harmful conditions. “Why that may make sense from an evolutionary standpoint is, you do not need to stroll into issues; you do not need to fall off a cliff, you need to perceive when two issues have completely different shade intensities,” Smith mentioned.


One other doable clarification, which has not been examined scientifically, is that cats like bins as a result of they’re ambush predators. In spite of everything, as any cat proprietor can attest, home cats love to make use of bins, corners and nearly any elevated floor to hide themselves earlier than pouncing on an unsuspecting toy — or human.

“My cat does it if we’re taking part in — she’ll cover behind one thing in order that she will pounce,” Smith mentioned. “That each one is smart after we take into consideration 3D enclosures, however there’s even much less identified about why it interprets to one thing 2D on the ground.”

And our housebound felines aren’t the one cats that love bins. In accordance with zoo observations, large cats — together with pumas, lions and tigers — take pleasure in sitting in and taking part in with bins of all sizes. 

Initially revealed on Reside Science.


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