What to Know About Nape Piercings, Based on a Professional

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  • Nape piercings are a kind of floor piercing that is achieved on the again of the neck.
  • The piercing options two puncture holes with a bar operating beneath the pores and skin.
  • Find out about utility, aftercare, and ache stage from an expert piercer.

Rising up, you could have been beneath the impression that the extent of body piercings encompasses ear piercings and possibly even belly button rings, however you won’t have recognized simply how many differing kinds there are on the market. There are a number of kinds of eyebrow piercings, lip piercings, nose piercings, dermal piercings, and even genital piercings, however have you ever ever heard of nape piercings?

Such a physique modification is completed on the again of the neck. Although it may possibly look much like a dermal, it is a floor piercing that makes use of a bar to attach two separate holes. It is actually extra advance than, say, a basic ear lobe piercing, however it’s not as invasive as a dermal. You’ll be able to consider it type of like a stomach button piercing in that method.

To study extra about such a piercing, we tapped Elayne Angel, an expert piercer and Writer of “The Piercing Bible — The Definitive Guide to Safe Piercing.” Preserve studying to get the news on the stylish nape piercing.

What Is a Nape Piercing?

Nape piercings are achieved on the again of the neck with the bar sitting horizontally or vertically slightly below the floor of the pores and skin. “A floor bar is the most typical jewellery model used for this placement,” Angel tells POPSUGAR. “They’re one of many few floor piercings that can routinely keep in place for many years with out migration or different points.”

The way in which a nape piercing is inserted is fairly much like a naval piercing. “The realm is prepped with a surgical scrub or cleaning soap and marked with the location,” says Angel. “The piercer will both use forceps or their fingers to safe the tissue; then, they make the piercing with a sterile, disposable needle.” The piercing goes in a single gap, beneath the pores and skin, and out a special gap. Then, the jewellery is added.

Do Nape Piercings Harm?

As with all piercings (and tattoos, for that matter), the ache stage is subjective. “Many of the purchasers I carried out them on described the process as a strain sensation and never notably painful,” says Angel. “It’s positively not probably the most delicate spot on the physique that will get pierced.” That mentioned, it actually will not really feel good, however it should not be insufferable.

“If you go to a skillful skilled, the process could be very transient, and the feeling dissipates quickly,” Angel says. “Afterward, there’s seldom a lot soreness.”

Nape Piercing Therapeutic Time

Nape piercings take longer than most piercings to heal — particularly conventional ear piercings. Angel says about six to 9 months or extra is normal. “Some endurance is required, but when they’re topic to a minimal of trauma and cared for correctly, they have a tendency to heal nicely.”

Nape Piercing Aftercare

Correct aftercare is essential to serving to your piercing heal nicely and rapidly. Although any sort of break within the pores and skin, intentional or unintentional, is vulnerable to an infection, Angel says “nape piercings usually are not extra prone to turn out to be contaminated than different areas.” The largest factor to bear in mind: “they don’t seem to be particularly troublesome to heal — they simply take a good bit of time.”

Angel likes to deal with nape piercings the identical as all physique piercings. As an alternative of routinely cleansing the sight with sterile saline answer, Angel recommends “a product that’s way more germicidal and that does extra to advertise therapeutic,” just like the Briotech Aftercare Spray ($14). It comprises the skin-healing ingredient hypochlorous acid. “This is identical anti-inflammatory and broad-spectrum germicide that’s made by our personal white blood cells as a part of our immune system,” says Angel. “It rapidly destroys all recognized pathogens however is so suitable with the physique it may be used within the eyes, nostril, and mouth. Research additionally present it accelerates wound therapeutic and helps to reduce scarring.”

As for extra aftercare suggestions you need to observe after the appointment, Angel recommends you modify your bedding recurrently, keep away from swimming, and guarantee nothing is worn that may trigger trauma or irritation to the piercing on the again of your neck, like jewellery or tight clothes. “Preserve hair away from the jewellery as a lot as doable and make sure no strands or threads get wrapped across the bar.”

The Dangers of Nape Piercings

Except for the danger of an infection if it isn’t cared for correctly, there’s one different threat you need to look out for — however it may be prevented by going to an expert, skilled piercer. “If a nape piercing is completed too deep, there’s a threat of damaging nerves, together with the spinal accent nerve (accountable for muscle operate) and cutaneous nerves (accountable for scalp sensation),” says Angel. “Moreover, there are quite a few planes of fascia (connective tissue) beneath the floor that would probably carry an infection to different areas of the physique. Due to this fact, it’s critical that you simply go to a certified skilled piercer.”

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