What’s the world’s tallest tree?

Timber are a few of the most majestic and awe-inspiring dwelling issues on the planet. And plenty of of them are actually, actually massive.

However which one is the tallest? 

It seems that the tallest bushes on Earth are the coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) that loom over the mist-shrouded shoreline of Redwood Nationwide Park, in Northern California. And the king of those giants is a tree often known as Hyperion, according to Guinness World Records. When it was final measured in 2019, it stood an eye-popping 380 toes, 9.7 inches (116.07 meters) tall from high to base, taller than a 35-story constructing. 

Hyperion’s precise location is a intently held secret, however it’s apparently rooted in a hillside through which a lot of the old-growth coastal redwoods have been logged. One way or the other, Hyperion has escaped the chainsaw, and the tree is estimated to be between 600 and 800 years outdated.

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The dwelling skyscraper was first found in 2006, by Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor, a part of a staff of researchers who, on the time, tramped by means of the California forests attempting to find the tallest bushes, SFGate reported. At the moment, the tree was a tiny bit shorter, at 379 toes, 1.2 in (115.5 m). Across the identical time, that group found the second and third-tallest bushes: Helios, which was then 376.3 toes (114.7 m) tall, and Icarus, which stood 371.2 toes (113.1 m) tall.

“Although they’re on steep slopes, they’re rising within the best redwood habitat on the planet,” Atkins instructed SFGate in 2006. “They’re proper under a ridge, in order that they’re shielded from the wind. They’re close to ample water, they usually have loads of fog, which retains the native microclimate delicate and moist. They usually have nice solar publicity.”

Coast redwoods will not be solely the tallest bushes on the planet, they’re additionally a few of the oldest dwelling issues on Earth; they’ll reside as much as 2,000 years. It isn’t clear precisely why these bushes can reside to be so historic, however the local weather performs a job. Even when inland California burns in the summertime, a blanket of thick fog enshrouds the coastal groves, protecting the temperature cool year-round. The coast additionally sees about 100 inches (254 centimeters) of rainfall a yr, which additionally helps nurture these groves of giants, according to the National Park Service.

Coast redwoods are additionally a few of the most resilient bushes on Earth. Their tannin-rich bark appears to be practically impervious to the fungus and illness that fells different bushes, in keeping with the NPS. And the 12-inch-thick (25 cm) bark of those silent giants allows them to resist the wildfires which have traditionally swept by means of the Sierras. 


Whereas coast redwoods are the tallest bushes on Earth, they aren’t the most important. The most important bushes on the planet are Normal Sherman and Normal Grant, large sequoias that cling to the rocky, fire-scarred Sierras in California’s Kings Canyon and Sequoia Nationwide Parks.

And North America does not have a monopoly on uber-tall bushes. The tallest bushes on different continents, in keeping with Guinness World Data, are:

  • A Eucalyptus regnans discovered on the island of Tasmania, which stands 327.5 toes (99.82 m) tall, is Australia’s tallest tree.
  • Asia’s tallest tree is a yellow meranti tree (Shorea faguetiana) present in Malaysia. It’s only a contact shorter than Australia’s tallest tree, at 323.3 toes (98.53 m) tall.
  •  In South America, a purple angelim (Dinizia excelsea) tree in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is the tallest on the continent, at 290.4 toes (88.5 m)
  • Africa’s tallest tree, a myovo tree (Entandrophragma excelsum) close to Kilimanjaro Nationwide Park in Tanzania stands 267.4 toes (81.50m) tall
  • Europe’s largest tree lives in Portugal. This Karri tree (Eucalyptus diversicolor) stands 239.2 toes (72.9 m) tall.

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