What Causes Eyelid Drooping After Botox?

Attractive young woman is getting a rejuvenating facial injections at beauty clinic. The expert beautician is filling female wrinkles by botulinum.

  • Botox is a cosmetic treatment that freezes the facial muscle groups.
  • If Botox is injected to the brow incorrectly, it may well trigger eyelid drooping.
  • A dermatologist explains this unusual facet impact and the way to ensure it would not occur to you.

A latest viral TikTok video featured somebody who skilled eye drooping following a Botox injection. The particular person had not too long ago gotten an injection above their eye, inflicting the higher eyelid to sag. With the latest uptick in younger patients seeking injections and filler for preventative or aesthetic causes, the clip induced a little bit of a stir on the app — and lots of are questioning how widespread post-injection eyelid drooping is.

There are dangers related to any beauty procedure, therapy, or “tweakment.” With injections particularly, plenty of elements can contribute to negative effects, however visiting a licensed, skilled skilled definitely helps decrease your probabilities of experiencing any issues.

To study why eyelid drooping, aka ptosis, happens after Botox (and put your fears to relaxation), we tapped a dermatologist. Preserve studying to study extra.

What Causes Eyelid Drooping After Botox?

First, it is value noting that this isn’t a random or widespread facet impact of Botox — it occurs when the injection is run incorrectly. “Eyelid drooping, or ptosis, can occur after Botox when the doctor performing the therapy is much less skilled or the Botox is injected within the fallacious space, which might result in muscle weak point and droop,” dermatologist Marina Peredo, MD, FAAD, tells POPSUGAR.

If Botox is injected between the eyes and migrates to the upper-eyelid space, it may well trigger the levator palpebrae muscle, which controls your higher lid, to chill out. “If that muscle is affected, it’ll droop,” Dr. Peredo says. Alternatively, if somebody injects the frontalis muscle (the realm of your brow) too near the eyebrow, the attention can droop and really feel heavy, as that is the muscle that retains your eyebrows elevated.

How Widespread Is Botox Eyelid Drooping?

For these nervous about getting Botox, you may be relieved to listen to this is not a typical facet impact. “Solely 5 p.c of people who obtain Botox have droopy eyelids,” Dr. Peredo says. “That quantity will go right down to lower than one p.c whenever you use an skilled to inject.”

How Lengthy Does a Drooping Eyelid Final After Botox?

A drooping eye from improperly injected Botox is not everlasting, nevertheless it does final for about 4 to 6 weeks after therapy. “It’s going to get higher because the impact of Botox wears off,” Dr. Peredo says.

Can You Repair a Drooping Eyelid Triggered By Botox?

The sagging of the muscle groups across the eye will slowly go away because the Botox wears off, however when you do not wish to wait that lengthy, there are some things you’ll be able to attempt to treatment the problem. “You’ll be able to attempt utilizing a .5 p.c apraclonidine eye drop, which helps to tighten the attention muscle,” Dr. Peredo says. Alpha2 agonist eye drops, that are usually used to deal with glaucoma, may also be used, as “it’ll enable the Muller’s muscle to contract and elevate the higher eyelid.” (Editor’s notice: the Muller’s muscle helps keep eyelid elevation.)

Your greatest guess can also be looking for assist from knowledgeable. “You may get extra Botox, which can counteract the muscle groups which might be already relaxed,” Dr. Peredo says, nevertheless it’ll be as much as the physician to find out whether or not that can assist or not. “You will need to do not forget that everybody has a unique anatomy, and no two Botox injections are the identical,” she provides.

Experiencing a drooping eyelid from Botox is rare, however you’ll be able to additional decrease your probabilities by going to an skilled skilled or doctor. “If you’re attempting to save cash, put it aside on one thing else,” Dr. Peredo says.

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