The Execs and Cons of a Dip Powder Manicure

Dip Powder Pros and Cons

  • Dip powder nails have grown in recognition over the previous couple of years.
  • The method entails pigmented powder and outcomes can last as long as a month.
  • We’re breaking down all the professionals and cons of dip powder manicures.

Inside the final 20 years, gel and acrylic manicures have been rising in recognition as a result of they’ll last as long as two weeks. However there may be one other methodology making the manicure rounds: dip powdered nails. Though dip powders seem to be a brand new development, the method has been round since the 1980s.

The method of getting a dip manicure — or DYIng it at home — is completely different than different manicures you’ve got skilled. In contrast to gel, which requires UV rays to cement the polish, or acrylic, dipped manicures use pigmented powder. First, a base coat and a sealant is utilized from a small container of the colour you’ve got chosen. A nail technician will then paint on each coats, shaping it to the contours of your nail. Some manufacturers declare that the merchandise are “wholesome” for the nail, as there are nutritional vitamins throughout the formulation. The manicure can generally last as long as a month, however simply how wholesome is it?

Cons of a Dip Powder Manicure

The very first thing to be careful for is the tactic by which the powder is utilized. Some nail technicians will dip your nails instantly into the container — that is how the manicure earned its identify — versus portray the pigment on with a brush. That is unsanitary due to germs that may be picked up on the nail from dipping it into the bottle. When you select to get this manicure achieved, be certain that your manicurist is definitely portray on the bottom, pigment, and sealant coats, not dipping.

Rita Pinto, founding father of the favored luxurious nail salon Vanity Projects, which mixes high-end nail artwork and video program, refuses to do dip powder manicures due to these sanitation dangers.

“Dip powders are briefly damaging to the nails because the seal layer of your nails is damaged within the strategy of such a manicure,” mentioned Josephine Allen, a nail technician a Samuel Shriqui Salon, which additionally boasts being Essie’s flagship retailer. “Dip powders additionally are likely to temporally dehydrate the nails.”

Execs of a Dip Powder Manicure

When you’re already hooked on dip manis, do not fret, there are not any long-term results. Whereas Allen mentioned that the dip powders aren’t essentially more healthy than different sorts of manicures, the merchandise usually are not completely damaging.

“The basis of the nails won’t be broken within the course of and a brand new layer of nail will proceed to develop,” she informed us.

When you do select to get one, Allen recommends utilizing paper wraps. “A manicure involving paper wrapping the free fringe of the nails can last as long as two weeks,” she mentioned. “This manicure is more healthy for the nails and it will not be roughened within the course of.”

One other factor to remember is that dip powders usually are not that far off from acrylic and gel. As a result of dip powders are made up of grains of pigment, they’ve extra intense colours. That is completely different from acrylic nails that contain a liquid and a powder that bond to kind a gel. Like acrylics, gel manicures are additionally a liquid that hardens when it comes into contact with a UV mild. And with dip powders, a manicurist will use a glue that comprises cyanoacrylate (assume Krazy Glue, however on your nails) to get it to stay on the nail.

As with gel and acrylic manicures, the removing course of with a dip powder manicure is vital. Typically all three sorts of manicures would require that you just soak off the product, which may generally be time-consuming. However do not rush it. Persistence is vital, so you do not injury the highest layer of your nails.

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