The E-Cigarette Rumor


Rumor: E-cigarette use in adolescents is related to future cigarette smoking.

Fact: That is true.

An e-cigarette is an digital cigarette that simulates the sensation of tobacco smoking. The unique intention of e-cigarettes was to encourage cigarette people who smoke to make use of a much less dangerous different and even to quit smoking cigarettes fully. Nevertheless, e-cigarettes have change into a well-liked gadget for youthful non-smoking people and should improve an individual’s chance of smoking sooner or later.

A report revealed within the British Medical Journal by American researchers examines the adverse results of e-cigarettes. They discovered that e-cigarette use in youth is related to future cigarette smoking, whereas in older adults, e-cigarettes assist to quit smoking. To learn extra about e-cigarettes and their long-term and short-term results, click on here.


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