Interval-Blood Face Masks Are Trending on TikTok, however Are They Protected?

Period blood face masks are trending on TikTok.

With regards to make-up suggestions, hair traits, and beauty hacks, we are able to often depend on TikTok to provide us with some quirky recommendations. Whereas some have left us in awe and turn out to be a regular addition to our beauty routine, others have left us questioning every little thing. Take the newest magnificence development gaining traction: interval blood as a face masks.

You might need heard of period-blood face masks earlier than, or “menstrual masking,” because it’s typically known as. The hashtag #periodbloodfacial has been used on Instagram way back to 2019, spawning TikTok spinoffs like #periodbloodfacials and #periodbloodfacemask, which have racked up greater than 1.9 million and 6.9 million views respectively.

It nearly goes with out saying that this can be a divisive subject. Whereas some TikTok customers have described period-blood face masks as “one of the best magnificence secret ever” and a approach to “join with my divine female power,” others have deemed it “unsafe” and “cringe.” Right here, we’re delving into every little thing you’ll want to know — with recommendation from the professionals.

What Is a Interval-Blood Face Masks?

So, let’s begin with the fundamentals — a interval face masks includes making use of your menstrual blood to your face with the goal of bettering your pores and skin. As it is a DIY hack, there isn’t any official steerage to comply with, so TikTokers have been both making use of the blood immediately from their menstrual cups or storing it in a container within the fridge first.

A lot of those that have tried masking with interval blood have carried out so as a result of they consider the micronutrients and stem cells discovered within the blood will profit the pores and skin, however it’s not 100% clear from the content material precisely what these advantages seem like. A lot of the claims are fairly obscure, with customers saying their pores and skin appears to be like “good” or “higher” post-treatment. Others have hopped on board the development with the goal of feeling extra related with their physique.

For those who’re into magnificence, you’d most likely look on the substances earlier than buying a regular face mask, however are you aware what menstrual blood is definitely made up of? (Spoiler: should you thought the reply was simply blood, there’s a lot extra to it.) “Interval blood consists of a combination of blood, vaginal fluid, and endometrial (womb-lining) cells,” says aesthetics physician and hormone specialist Sophie Shotter.

Up to now, not so interesting, however dangle on, that is the place it will get fascinating. “There’s proof that there are stem cells within the endometrium (interior layer of the uterus), and it does additionally include micronutrients corresponding to zinc, copper, magnesium, and iron — all of that are discovered throughout the bloodstream,” Dr. Shotter says. “These substances may in precept be helpful for pores and skin well being, for instance in lowering irritation.”

Does a Interval-Blood Face Masks Really Work?

OK, so if there are micronutrients to be present in menstrual blood, then there have to be advantages to making use of it topically, proper? “I can not see any potential advantages to a menstrual-blood facial,” Dr. Shotter says. “We’ve to contemplate that the portions of those substances in menstrual blood will likely be comparatively low.”

The issue is that even when there have been excessive ranges of micronutrients in interval blood, it isn’t straightforward for them to make their means into the pores and skin with none extra penetration enhancers or supply methods. “The pores and skin barrier known as a barrier for a purpose,” Dr. Shotter says. “It stops issues from penetrating it. Micronutrients are helpful for pores and skin well being however will want supply mechanisms to get them in. Stem cells is not going to be stimulating something while sitting on the floor of your pores and skin — they may have zero advantages on this scenario.”


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That units the science straight, however whether or not a magnificence therapy is sweet or unhealthy is dependent upon the way it makes you are feeling about your self. The caveat being so long as it is protected, which brings us to . . .

Is It Protected to Attempt a Interval-Blood Face Masks?

We’re all for a little bit of self-care, particularly round our intervals, however in keeping with the consultants, a interval face masks is prone to trigger extra hurt than good.

“I feel with the potential danger of an infection and cross-contamination it’s not well worth the danger,” says oculoplastic surgeon and MZ Skin founder Maryam Zamani. “Interval blood drains by means of the vaginal partitions the place micro organism, yeast, and viruses could also be sitting. If somebody has an an infection or herpes, that will also be handed together with the collected menstrual blood and handed onto the face if used for masking.”

“You could possibly even danger giving your self chlamydial conjunctivitis should you occurred to undergo from chlamydia,” Dr. Shotter says. How the blood is stored previous to masking has security implications, too. “I’ve seen TikTokers save interval blood and retailer it within the fridge in a nonsterile jar, which is simply the proper breeding floor for micro organism,” Dr. Zamani says. “If there’s a small lower on the pores and skin’s floor or any sort of break within the pores and skin barrier, this will trigger important an infection within the pores and skin.”

Options to a Interval-Blood Face Masks

PRP facials (also called vampire facials), stem cell remedies, and skin-care merchandise containing placenta are all much more dependable methods to make use of the physique’s sources to enhance your pores and skin. And actually, that is the place a whole lot of the confusion round period-blood facials has stemmed from. However these remedies and processes are much more advanced and really a lot expert-only.

“Throughout a vampire facial, we take sterile blood from a vein within the arm and spin it in a centrifuge to provide us a golden liquid concentrated with platelets,” Dr. Shotter says. “That is then injected into the pores and skin, and people platelets will launch development elements, stimulating a therapeutic response and giving doubtlessly big pores and skin advantages.”

A bloody post-treatment face (à la Kim Kardashian) just isn’t on account of blood being utilized, however the injections used to assist these platelets into the pores and skin, which ought to solely ever be carried out by certified consultants. “Stem-cell remedies can even contain invasive administration, which allows them to penetrate the pores and skin barrier,” Dr. Shotter says. “These substances are additionally correctly manufactured and processed, that means the danger of micro organism development within the liquid and an infection is extraordinarily low.”

Placenta present in skin-care traces like Biologique Recherche and MZ Pores and skin has been painstakingly processed to maximise collagen-boosting advantages with out compromising on security. “Typically, placenta is collected, sanitized, and rinsed after which freeze-dried and processed earlier than utilized in resuspension,” Dr. Zamani says. It is fairly the method.

Finally, should you’re in search of a skin-friendly home made deal with throughout your subsequent interval, stick with a DIY masks of mashed avocado or honey and oats as an alternative. Or, for a pick-me-up, consuming a bit of chocolate by no means damage.

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