Can Fitbit Measure Blood Stress?

Blood stress is the power that carries blood all through our physique.1 It’s made up of two totally different numbers and introduced as a fraction.1 The highest quantity is named systolic stress and the underside quantity is named diastolic stress.1 Regular blood stress is outlined as having a systolic blood stress beneath 120 and a diastolic blood stress beneath 80, which is written as “120/80” and spoken as “120 over 80”.1

The systolic studying represents the utmost blood stress that happens when the guts contracts and pumps blood via the physique.1 The diastolic studying signifies the stress simply earlier than the guts contracts and when it’s resting.1 Each numbers are recorded utilizing a unit of stress generally known as “millimeters of mercury” or “mmHg”.1 Since blood stress is what retains our organs alive and energetic, it’s crucial to maintain the systolic and diastolic measurements inside regular limits of round 120/80.1 To detect modifications, the usual blood stress cuff could also be used at dwelling, however can good units just like the Fitbit additionally measure blood stress?

The brand new blood stress monitoring examine led by Fitbit Labs

Historically, blood stress is measured utilizing a blood stress cuff which requires sitting nonetheless and proper placement of the cuff across the higher arm.1 In critically ailing sufferers or ambulatory settings, blood stress could also be extra precisely measured utilizing invasive strategies akin to inserting a small tube into an artery.1,2 Nevertheless, for a comparatively wholesome one that could not have a blood stress cuff at dwelling, it might be tough to maintain monitor of blood stress. That is the place a brand new examine centered on monitoring modifications in blood stress, led by Fitbit Labs, is available in.3

Can Fitbit measure blood stress? Since Fitbit’s personal examine was simply launched in April 2022, there are not any outcomes out there but. Nevertheless, the Fitbit units will estimate blood stress utilizing pulse arrival time, which does have some out there information.

Pulse arrival time

Pulse arrival time is the period of time it takes for a pulse of blood to journey from the guts to a distant space just like the wrist the place a Fitbit watch is likely to be resting.4 Though that is believed to be a non-invasive technique of measuring blood stress, analysis stays inconclusive on the subject of how properly pulse arrival time can estimate blood stress.2,4

A examine revealed in 2019 discovered that pulse arrival time shouldn’t be an correct indicator of blood stress.4 Whereas different research have equally concluded that there’s a weak relationship between pulse arrival time and blood stress, analysis revealed in 2020 discovered that pulse arrival time can detect modifications in blood stress as much as 2 minutes sooner than different non-invasive units akin to utilizing a finger cuff.5,6 The Fitbit – which depends on pulse arrival time – could subsequently be a non-invasive technique of measuring blood stress. Nevertheless, additional research are needed to find out the accuracy and usefulness of Fitbits with blood stress monitoring capabilities.

Along with blood stress, Fitbits with electrocardiogram (ECG) options are additionally out there. An ECG is a check that measures {the electrical} exercise of the guts.4 By downloading the ECG utility on a Fitbit, customers can assess their coronary heart well being after a 30 second studying7

Significance of monitoring blood stress

Protecting blood stress in examine is critical for making certain that each one organs all through the physique are receiving sufficient oxygen from blood.1 If blood stress drops too low, it’s medically known as hypotension. Lowered blood move to the kidneys, for instance, is related to renal failure.1

If blood stress rises past 140/90 mmHg, it’s known as hypertension.8 Hypertension is without doubt one of the main threat components for demise world wide as it’s related to an elevated incidence of coronary heart assault, stroke, and renal failure.1

Fitbits and blood stress

So, can Fitbit measure blood stress? The newly launched examine by Fitbit Labs could present a clearer reply, nevertheless present analysis means that it’d. If pulse arrival time can appropriately estimate blood stress, this may have profound implications for these affected by situations that require steady detection. Finally, utilizing a wearable gadget such because the Fitbit would permit for a non-invasive and comparatively straightforward strategy to intently monitor blood stress – if it seems to be an correct approach to take action.


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